BAKHUB is a drop-in coworking space in Bakurocho, Tokyo, which has 4 metro and JR stations within 5 minutes walking distance. You can visit the main areas of Tokyo within 30 minutes. Also it is very accessible from Narita and Haneda Airport. Freelancers, business owners, nomad workers, location independents and travelers are welcome!

BAKHUB is managed by REGION INC., an editing and production company specializes in travel and tourism. We support your work and travel in Japan by providing information on many attractive coworking and coliving spaces in regional areas in Japan.


1-minute walk from exit 5 of JR BAKUROCHO station
5-minute walk from East exit of JR ASAKUSABASHI station
5-minute walk from A4 exit of BAKUROYOKOYAMA station on Shinjuku Line
5-minute walk from A4 exit of HIGASHI-NIHONBASHI station on Asakusa Line



NARITA AIRPORT→(Keisei Line)→AOTO Station→(Asakusa Line)→HIGASHI-NIHONBASHI station
(approximately 90 minutes)


HANEDA AIRPORT→(Keikyu Line)→SENGAKUJI station→(Asakusa Line)→HIGASHI-NIHONBASHI station
(approximately 45 minutes)

From TOKYO station

TOKYO station→(Sobu Line Rapid)→JR BAKUROCHO station
(approximately 5 minutes)

What We Offer

  • Drop-in Coworking Space
  • Free Wi-Fi(SSID and Password are on the reception desk.)
  • Free Drink(Please use free drink corner.)
  • Office Equipment
  • Rental Space for Seminars and Events
  • Consulting on making printed or web medium(REGION will support content making.)

Drop-in coworking

Price: 500 yen/1 hour, 1000 yen/1 day

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
(excluding public holidays)

Rental Space

Price: 10,000 yen/1 hour(tax excluded)

Opening Hours: from Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
(excluding public holidays. Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are negotiable.)

15 people with chairs
10 people with chairs and desks

2 displays
1 whiteboard


Please let us know the estimated time of arrival by making a booking through facebook or email. Message us when you want a tour of BAKHUB.

Charge for Printer Usage

  • Printing/Copying(monochrome) 5 yen/page
  • Printing/Copying(color) 30 yen/page
  • Scanning 50yen/unlimited
  • Sending Fax 50 yen/sending

Equipment Free to Use

  • Display
  • Earphone with mike
  • Mobile partition


Please finish your call or teleconference call within 30 mins. Also, when you make a teleconference call, please use an earphone with mike. If you need to make a call longer than 30 mins, please ask us. As we don’t have private rooms to make a call, we need your cooperation. Thank you very much in advance!

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